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Tour giornaliero per il Santuario della Verna

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means to travel safely on board a comfortable Vito Mercedes  9-seater minivan, or on board a luxurious Mercedes S class, or a comfortable and spacious Lancia Phedra 6 persons
Quoting the famous
"Noio to go where we go, which way should we do?"( Noio per andare dove dobbiamo andare, dove dobbiamo andare) fase di Totò!
So why rely on satellite navigation systems well maybe not updated, why get angry about finding parking, why not travel the road, without thought of nothing but admire the view, you can eat and drink (a glass even more), without risk?
Today I want to propose a route between the mystic and the religious or the Sanctuary of La Verna.
A place loved by Ns dear St. Francis of Assisi, that even without modern and comfortable walking shoes, loved to wander around the center of Italy.
In fact, distant spring of 1213, decided to retire in this beautiful village between the quadrilateral Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria, where he met the Count Orlando of Chiusi della Verna.
The Sanctuary of La Verna is placed Tuscan Apennines, a place full of beech trees, and which offers a fine view, it was here that St. Francis received the stigmata in 1224.
Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

The Verna is the most famous monasteries of the Casentino, and true heart of worship Franciscan. The foundation of a hermitage dating to the first group show at the place of St. Francis, who in the spring of 1213 he met the Count Orlando of Chiusi della Verna, who, impressed by his preaching, he wanted to offer him the mountain of La Verna, which later became the site numerous and prolonged periods of withdrawal. In later years some small cells were built and the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli (1216-18). The decisive impulse to the development of a large monastery was given the stigmata from the episode (1224), occurred on this mountain, beloved by the saint as an ideal place to devote himself to meditation. The last visit of Francis to the mountain took place in the summer of 1224. I retired in August, for a 40-day fast in preparation for the feast of St. Michael and, while he was praying, he received the stigmata. Since then, Verna became sacred ground. Pope Alexander IV took her under papal protection, was erected in 1260 and consecrated a church in the presence of St. Bonaventure and several bishops. A few years later was erected the Chapel of the Stigmata, financed by Count Simon of Battifolle, near the spot where the miracle had happened. An older chapel, Santa Maria degli Angeli, built in 1218 to St. Francis from Orlando, is reachable from the sacristy of the cathedral, begun in 1348 but remained unfinished until 1459. From the latter the monks residing at Verna go in solemn procession twice a day (at 14 and midnight) to the Chapel of the Stigmata. On the feast of the stigmata (September 17) and on other occasions, many of the surrounding parishes and the faithful and tourists from far away come to visit these places, and monks are organized to receive and accommodate about 2000 to 3000 pilgrims.
The monastery was partially destroyed by fire in the fifteenth century. In 1810 and in 1866 the monks were expelled temporarily following the suppression of religious orders.

Starting  from Gubbio, Perugia , da 259,00 €
Starting  from Assisi, Perugia da 259,00 €
Starting  from Foligno, Spoleto da 279,00 €
Starting  from Cortona, Trasimeno da 299,00 €

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Trasferimenti per gli aeroporti-porti-stazioni principali di Italia

andata o ritorno a partire da :( Tariffe in bassa stagione, 1-3 posti in Mercedes S , Lancia Phedra  per singolo transfer )

a partire da

40 €, Assisi e Perugia centro,

270 € Firenze Peretola

290 € Roma Fiumicino, Roma Ciampino, Firenze Peretola

Servizio di trasporto passeggeri dallo scalo umbro, da e per ogni destinazione. Disponibilità di

Prezzi all inclusive

  1. van da 8 posti utili, per bagagli grandi, anche per portatori di handicap,


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Nature and Sport

Umbria Green Heart of Italy: land by glimpses unforgettable landscape, where the mild climate, the presence of fresh and green hills, mountains, forested valleys and make it one of the most picturesque and spectacular of the Italian territory. In Umbria, you can visit the disruptive Niagara Falls, the oasis of nature or of Alviano Colfiorito, now protected area, or have fun doing trekking equipment in parks, kite surfing on Lake Trasimeno, rafting along the rivers.

Food and Wine

Umbria land of ancient and authentic flavors, be driving the streets of wine or oil, come and
taste the prized Sagrantino di Montefalco, the DOC Assisi, the Torgiano Rosso, the precious
extra virgin olive oil, the true gold of 'Umbria, the tasty black truffle of Norcia, the tasty fish
 of the lake. If you are looking for places where the pleasures of nature and art merge with
 authentic flavors of the table are in the right direction.

Art and Religion

Umbria land of mysticism and religion, where the lives of saints important, as St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, Saint Rita of Cascia, merge into a huge artistic and architectural heritage that is among the most valuable and representative of our country. Land of artists like Giotto, Perugino, the Pintoricchio, who have made valuable impressive churches (like the Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi ...), a land of enchanting medieval villages, perched on the hills, fortified city, surrounded by greenery and ruins Etruscan-Roman, full of stories to tell.