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NCC is the abbreviation of rental with driver; service of transport momentary through vehicles, different from the taxi for the type of withdrawal of the use, or to direct call.The law that controls not these types of transport public of line is the Law January 15 th 1992, n. 21, that performance this way:

1. Public Autoservizi not of line

1. Public autoservizi is defined not of line those that handle the collective or individual transport of people, with complementary and integrative function in comparison to the railway public transports of line, auto, maritime, lake and airplanes, and that you/they are effected, to application of the transported ones or the transported one, in continuous or periodic way not, on itineraries and second established schedules of time in time.

Personal considerations:

The development of the modern techniques of communication, as I phone cellular and internet, (what to the course of all are now) a change of the old law they make necessary, since the taxi unlike the NCC, have the double advantage that can comfortably be also him of it to house or in any private place and to receive the bookings there, over whether to stop in public place and to withdraw clients doing the job of NCC to all the effects. The NCC, cannot stop in public place and they are often forced to work penalized by town rules, airport etc, without considering that especially in areas as Rome, they are in action real discriminations of the category.

Trasferimenti per gli aeroporti-porti-stazioni principali di Italia

andata o ritorno a partire da :( Tariffe in bassa stagione, 1-3 posti in Mercedes S , Lancia Phedra  per singolo transfer )

a partire da

40 €, Assisi e Perugia centro,

270 € Firenze Peretola

290 € Roma Fiumicino, Roma Ciampino, Firenze Peretola

Servizio di trasporto passeggeri dallo scalo umbro, da e per ogni destinazione. Disponibilità di

Prezzi all inclusive

  1. van da 8 posti utili, per bagagli grandi, anche per portatori di handicap,


  1. auto Mercedes Classe S, 3-4 posti utili


  1. Lancia Phedra 6 posti utili


Tariffe a partire da e perRomacentroFiumicino o Ciampinotempo di viaggio 2 ore circa

€ 290

Tariffe a partire da e per Firenzecentro o Peretola

€ 270

Tariffe a partire da Per PerugiaAssisiTorgiano città

€ 40

Tariffe a partire da Per Montefalco Giano dell'Umbria, Bastardo Trevi

€ 70

Tariffe a partire da Per Spello, Cannara, Assisi zona Subasio

€ 50

Tariffe a partire da Per Foligno città Bevagna

€ 60

Tariffe a partire da Per Gubbio Spoleto Todi, Gualdo Tadino, Passignano sul Trasimeno

€ 90

Tariffe a partire da Per Cortona - Terentola- Castiglione del Lago -Orvieto Bagnoregio

€ 110

Tariffe a partire da Per Montepulciano Chiusi Chianciano Pienza

€ 150

Tariffe a partire da Per Città della Pieve - Fabro-San casciano dei Bagni

€ 120

Tariffe a partire da Per Cascia Norcia Visso Preci

€ 140

Tariffe a partire da Per Castelluccio Forche Canapine -Amatrice

€ 180

Tariffe a partire da Per Ancona Falconara aeroporto

€ 180

Tariffe a partire da Per Ancona Falconara Città Porto - Viterbo - Siena città -Bagno Vignoni- Monte Amiata

€ 200

Tariffe a partire da Per Bologna -Pisaaeroporto o città

€ 360

Tariffe a partire da Per Rimini Riccione

€ 280

Altre destinazioni a richiesta, per preventivi usare il forum contatti o chiamare

+39 3808064447

Le Vie dell' Umbria he/she offers a service of Rental With Driver (NCC) (similar to the taxi).

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